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Dragon Pendant – Full Diamonds

*My price includes a 45 cm (17,71 in) 18kt gold chain. I am an 18k gold pendant, 2.1g, set with 0.25ct F / vs1 diamonds. I express the animal life were two dragons are linked which allows a beautiful drawing with natural Japanese lacquers. I also exist filled with diamonds but without lacquers.

Horn Pendant

I am an 18kt white gold pendant, 3.95g, set with 0.35ct F / vs1 diamonds. I am inspired by the vegetal movement, I am balanced in my asymmetrical design. I also exist without lacquer.

Nico pendant

My price includes a 45 cm (17,71 in) 18kt gold chain (4,1g). I am a 18k gold pendant, 2.0g, set with 0.19ct F / vs1 diamonds. I am a unique solitary inspired by the helical movement of the wind. I also exist without lacquers (order only).

Dancing Leaf Pendant

I am a  pendant . Solid and large I show all the delicacy of my ribs dancing on the body of the one who wears me.