Who we are?

Belgian Jewelry of Asia Co.Ltd (Brand name: Boggy&Thol®) is gold and silversmith workshop with highly trained craftsmen. The company has been created by Mr. Cyril Bogaievsky (French designer) and Mr. Thierry Holemans (Belgian jeweler and gemologist, the third generation of goldsmith and Urushi lacquerers).

All the knowledge and the know-how have been transmitted to Mr. Thierry Holemans who pushed the talent even further when he opened in 1990 a Holemans Jewelry on Place Vendôme in Paris. Mr. Thierry Holemans also made masterpieces for the Belgian Royal family and other members of the aristocracy (for example the tiara for the wedding of H.E. Edouard De Ligne La Trémoïlle in 2009). Since 2012, the Holemans company is separated from Mr. Holemans who invested his time and creativity with Mr. Bogaievsky in Boggy& Thol®.

Workshop Boggy&Thol

Each Boggy&Thol® piece is handmade in our workshop with dedication and love for our goldsmithing and lacquering traditions. Starting with an idea, then mixing precious metals with Urushi in the workshop, to obtain a unique and luxurious work of art.

We are open to new ideas and eager to push forward our knowledge, technique, and art. That is why, in addition to our own brand designs, we like to work on custom made projects with our close clients. Our client’s wishes are our priority, so we adapt the best we can to their demands, whoever the client is: a Boggy&Thol retailer; a distributor; an individual person. All our products are made to order because they all have a certain degree of customization from our clients (type and color of the lacquer work, the metal used, kind and quality of gemstones if some are involved in the process, family seal, and so on). When the business relation is durably established, we will make a buffer stock to respond even more quickly to our customer expectations. From the first order, we will need three months to adapt our production to your specific demands, and prototyping if needed.