About us

Boggy&Thol is a gold and silversmith workshop with highly trained craftsmen. The brand was created in 2017 by French designer Cyril Bogaievsky and Belgian jeweller and gemmologist Thierry Holemans, a third-generation goldsmith and Urushi lacquerer.
Thierry Holemans has created a range of masterpieces over the years for the Belgian Royal family and other members of the aristocracy. This included the tiara for the wedding of H.E. Edouard De Ligne La Trémoïlle in 2009 which is on display in the Boggy&Thol gallery in Chiang Mai.
Thibault, Thierry’s son, a fourth-generation goldsmith and master lacquerer is now following his father’s footsteps creating beautiful designs at Boggy&Thol.
Our flagship store in Chiangmai, Thailand, boasts an in-house workshop – this is where the magic happens. Our expert goldsmiths, silversmiths and designers take metals, gemstones and Urushi lacquer to fashion unique statues, ballpoint pens, and all kinds of jewellery; whatever your imagination can conceive is what we create for you.
We love taking your ideas and designs and making them a reality. No matter your experience designing jewellery, order size or complexity, we can make it happen. We also specialise in collaborative projects, working in partnership with artists to create new collections sold in various outlets, including our own store.
Our team regularly creates customized pieces, often utilising our luxury Urushi lacquer.

The colours and patterns of Urushi are unique and will always give you a one-of-a-kind item. This ancient form of decoration originates from Japan and is traditionally used for décor, tables, and bowls; it makes for truly stunning jewellery and pens.

At Boggy&Thol we use only the finest materials, all our products carry a Hallmark and stamp of merit which can be traced back to our workshop.