Cyril Bogaievsky

Cyril Bogaievsky - Boggy
Born in France in 1972, Cyril Bogaievsky studied Science and Economics at Paris-VII and then at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Diploma in hand and head full of thoughts and ideas, he turned toward design.
An encounter with master jeweller Thierry Holemans proved decisive in his life. Cyril discovered that he and Thierry shared a same passion and vision, so he began studying with Thierry. When he obtained master craftsman status, the two founded Ateliers Boggy&Thol, and remain the pillars of the studio today.
Inspired by the studio’s effervescent energy, he never goes anywhere these days without his pencils and notebooks! Channeling his talents into the arts, he has been able to express them with brilliance through jewellery.
Originality and purity of line form the essential foundations of Cyril’s work; to communicate the essence of the soul is what he seeks and what drives his work each and every day.
Cyril Bogaievsky - Boggy