What is Urushi lacquer?

Urushi is a traditional lacquer that comes from the sap of the URUSHI tree (Rhus Verniciflua). The sap is collected in bowls, then filtered and enhanced by skilled Japanese craftsmen.

Urushi is the most durable natural lacquer in the world and has been used to make beautiful items in Japan for thousands of years. The lacquer is natural, does not contain any toxic substances, and is environmentally friendly.

Urushi is the most durable natural lacquer in the world

aN unique, polished finish

The tapped lacquer comes in liquid form, but once hardened remains solid and durable for the rest of its life. When we use Urushi lacquer, we begin with a thin layer added to the piece we are decorating for you, which we then let dry and oxidize in special heat and humidity conditions. This process is designed to harden the lacquer and, once dry, we repeat the process many times. During each layer applied, the lacquer absorbs moisture which gives it a unique, polished finish. Urushi lacquer is very durable and able to withstand erosion from water, salt, acids, alkalis, and changes in temperature.