How To Propose

How Should You Use Your Personality to Propose to Your Loved One

Proposing to the one you love, the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with, is one of the most important moments of your life. The outcome of this single episode will change both of your lives forever. The moment you go down on one knee, utter the immortal phrase “Will you marry me?” and wait with bated breath for the answer is the moment you step off a precipice into a new, exciting and utterly gorgeous world.

Although marriage proposals happen thousands of times a day around the world, each one is unique. Every time it happens the universe is realigned for just two people. But everybody is different. Everyone has a personality that is their own and intimately understanding that personality is vital when planning how, when, and where to pop the all-important question.

So, how should you do it?

If You Are Outgoing

However outgoing and extrovert you are, do not try to wing this magic moment. Making it up as you go is setting yourself up for a fall. Remember you are not the only player in this scene and the more you prepare, the easier it will be for your intended. Don’t learn a script though, you may end up sounding insincere. Your partner knows who you are and will want the person they know and love to ask them to spend the rest of their life with you. Don’t be too cool for school. This is an emotional moment for the pair of you and showing how important the moment is with some emotion is never going to be a bad thing. 

You may be outgoing, and that may be one of the qualities they adore about you. Try setting your proposal up by telling them when you realized they were the one and why they are always going to be the one. What makes them the only one in the universe for you? Their sense of humor? Their patience? Their beautiful mind? And let them know how they have changed you for the better and how you want them to continue to be the reason for being that person. Outgoing is good, but the moments before you go down on one knee and ask them the question that will change both of your lives forever is a duet, it is about both of you, never a performance for one.

If You Are a Homebody

Being a homebody does not mean you have to be unadventurous. An adventure doesn’t need to be epic. Try proposing where you first met, at your favorite gallery or museum, or home while watching your favorite movie. Select a date special to the pair of you. Don’t worry about involving other people – this is your moment. If you are intent on staying close to home, consider having dinner on the rooftop of your apartment block, or a café or restaurant just around the corner from where you live – just remember to give the manager a heads up. Choose a date special to the pair of you, the day you first met, her birthday, or even your birthday, this will take some of the pressure off. Do a bit of digging to find out what your partner’s idea of the ideal proposal is and try to tailor that to your low-key idea of how you want to ask them to marry you. It should be an unforgettable moment for both of you, but it is more important that, as a homebody, you are completely comfortable when the big moment happens – It will always be unforgettable.

If You Are Shy

Proposing to the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with is a daunting prospect, however certain you are that your loved one will say yes. It is especially terrifying if you are naturally reticent, sheepish or shy. Shyness should not prevent this life-changing moment from being the most memorable of your lives. You don’t have to perform on a stage. Restaurants are a traditional setting for many proposals, but if you would prefer not to have an audience, then choose a more private location personal to the pair of you. A picnic, a walk under the stars, or the place you first met. 

Be prepared. Of course, there is a place for the impromptu proposal, but if being a bit bashful is part of your charm then some preparation will pay dividends when it comes to popping the question. Perhaps you will want to build up to the moment by talking about your relationship and how it has grown with your significant other. Be sure to include the special qualities you love about your partner, why they are your future, and how much you love them. But remember, if the nerves are just too much to deal with, why not just follow your heart, take a deep breath and dive right in with: “Will you marry me?”. After all, these four words are what everything has been leading up to. Your best friend will appreciate your proposal if it is authentic, real and from the heart. 

If You Love Attention

If you are a natural-born performer – always the focus of the room – you may have to concede that the special moment is not going to be all about you, but more about your intended. You have likely thought long and hard about the perfect proposal. However, this is a moment that has to be about you and your spouse-to-be. It Is important you ask your partner’s family and best friends if they have been given hints about their fantasy proposal. This might give you a springboard to some amazing ideas. Try to be subtle though, the proposal should be a surprise, if not necessarily unexpected. However, if your future spouse is as explosive as you, don’t hold back. Create a firework of a proposal you, your partner and everyone you hold dear in this world will remember forever.

If You Hate Attention

Now you have decided to spend the rest of your life having adventures with the one you love, deciding how best to propose to the partner who is to become your future will take some careful planning. A private moment is easier to coordinate than a public one. Do not plan a lavish proposal. It should still be a special moment with that unique personal touch that celebrates your love. Without all the bells and whistles. Over dessert at your favorite restaurant, during a walk home through the park, while looking at their favorite painting in a gallery. Many of the best eateries will be well-versed in dealing with marriage proposals, and how to be subtle – just be sure to consult them before the big night. Try asking the question at a concert, during a picnic, or with a bouquet.

Although it is always a good idea to do some digging with your beloved one’s friends to see if they have mentioned anything about how they want the moment to be perfect, take care not to let the secret out, you don’t want too many people knowing about the big moment before you are comfortable with announcing your happiness to the rest of the world.

A Few More Important Things to Remember

Expect the unexpected. However carefully you plan your proposal, something can still go wrong. If it does, laugh it off and remember it will become an amusing part of the story of the beginning of your life together.

Share the happy news with your families first. Friends can wait, make sure both of your new families become part of the loop as soon as possible.

Have an idea, not a script. Decide on three things you want to say when you propose. Trying to remember more might end up sounding forced and unnatural.

Have a backup plan. Prepare for the unexpected. Like bad weather, if you plan to propose outside, have an indoor alternative. 

Look good. Putting a bit of effort into your appearance before asking the question shouldn’t need saying.

Create a decoy. If you want the proposal to be a surprise, develop a decoy that means your partner has to turn up but does not necessarily know what for.

Above all, make it memorable. Try to choose a location you can return to in the years that follow to remember the moment. Not somewhere ephemeral. Try to make a note of what happened during the proposal, such as what you had to drink, so you can recreate the event for decades to come. 

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Proposing to the one you love, the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with, is one of the most important moments of your life. The outcome of this single episode will change both of your lives forever.


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